BBQ Butler - Brass Grill Brush Scrubber


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  • PERFECT FOR TRAEGER - The brass bristle is hard enough to clean your grate, but soft enough to prevent from ruining any porcelain covered grates, like on Traeger
  • 3 BRUSH HEADS - The 3 brush system allows you to reach any part of the grate with ease
  • USER-FRIENDLY LENGTH - Measuring 17 inches, this outdoor grill brush lets you clean from a pain-free distance; the length of the grill brush also provides leverage for an easier clean
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE - A sturdy metal loop on the end of the handle allows for easy storage with other grill tools
  • DURABLE DESIGN - Use it as one of your grill accessories on whatever grill/smoker needs a deep clean, this grill cleaning brush is built to last